Classic Norway

Day 1 –Thursday, July 17, 2014 – Depart Denver, CO to Newark, NJ to Oslo, Norway

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Classic Norway

Birgitte Hald

Our early United flight to Newark was scheduled to depart from DIA at 8:05 am. We left our home at 4:45, well before traffic on I-25 was too heavy. It had rained most of the night and there was a heavy fog and then mist as we approached the airport.

Usually we do not travel in the summer because it is such a nice time to be home in Colorado. However, Norway was vacant on our world travel map and that is not a country to visit during the dark winter.

The Pikes Peak shuttle lot was very full - many other people were traveling in July. Because it was so early, all of the shuttle buses were lined up and ready to start the day transporting travelers to the terminal.

It had been awhile since we had traveled with United but we were able to go through the computerized kiosk to receive our boarding passes and then check our bags to Oslo, Norway.

Having the Pre-Check TSA pass was also very convenient as we no longer have to take off our shoes and jackets or take out our computers. The agent did have to swipe our fingers to check for explosives and drugs, but we passed that test easily!

By the time we rode the train to the B Concourse, it was only 6:30 so we took advantage of the United Lounge. There were very few people this morning so it was relatively calm and quiet.

We boarded our flight to Newark at 7:30 and were pleasantly surprised to see that everyone was on time so the fight attendants could close the doors for a ten minute early departure.

Clouds covered most of the ground as we flew over Eastern Colorado but the Midwest was clear. The checkerboard fields of varied shades of green show promise for a bountiful harvest this fall. Those perfectly laid out section squares had to be Iowa!

While we relaxed during our three hour flight, we read, Gennie caught up on the first day of the journal, and also played Threes, a number game on her iPad. The pilot told us we would be getting to our destination about thirty minutes early.

As we prepared for our landing at Newark Liberty International Airport, we could pick out the skyline of New York City and see the Empire State Building. The Newark Airport is right next to the Port of New York with its huge cranes loading the colorful cargo containers.

We landed at about 1:30 but had to wait for the International Terminal B shuttle that did not leave until 2:20. Getting from one terminal to the next is not an easy task at Newark, a reminder to fly through Chicago or Atlanta on future flights!

Using the extra time, we were able to find the SAS lounge for our five hour layover in New Jersey. Even though United served us a light breakfast, we had a nice lunch and beverages compliments of Scandinavian Airlines.

The lounge was cool and welcoming, giving us a chance to finish the journal for the day and reorganize for our flight to Oslo at 6:55 this evening.

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Sounds like a wonderful beginning to a great trip. We loved Norway when we were there last summer. Also, 2 of our grandsons are part Norwegian. Hope you have a very special and safe trip! Blessings!

Carolyn Barrett   July 18, 2014 - 12:08pm

We had a beautiful afternoon. It smelled so good, so fresh. I could get used to a wet Colorado! Have fun!

David Barrett   July 17, 2014 - 11:27pm

Y'all had to leave waaaay before breakfast, but sounds like you made up for lost time. My bags are ready. LOL

Pat   July 17, 2014 - 10:34pm

I was just thinking about you. Will have to meet for coffee or something when you return. Have another great adventure! Love, Dee

Dee Sloan   July 17, 2014 - 8:37pm
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