Southern Peru-Bolivia

Day 1 –Sunday, October 26, 2014 – Depart Denver, CO to Miami, FL to Lima, Peru

Overseas Adventure Travel

Southern Peru & Bolivia: Inca Landscapes & Lake Titicaca

Jose (Pepé) Campoy

We are on the road again..... We are in the air again! It has been awhile since our last GarciaTrips adventure so we are excited to travel to South America.

Our journey will take us on a return visit to Peru and then on to discover Bolivia and the highest capital city in the world, LaPaz, at 11,942 feet above sea level. This Overseas Adventure Travel trip will be full of learning and discoveries!

Beginning our trip to South America, we drove to Denver and DIA at 10:30 to be able to avoid any traffic and then check in for our American Airlines flight to Miami scheduled to leave at 2:15 PM.

There was very little traffic on a beautiful Sunday in late October. Most of the summer tourists were home by now, and the aspen leaves have fallen so there were no leaf lookers.

Vic found an end parking space at the Pikes Peak Lot and it was just a few minutes and an empty shuttle bus came to pick us up.

It has been awhile since we have flown on American Airlines, but the process for checking in was easy. Ivan, our gate agent, was from Peru so it was fun talking to him. He tagged our bags and then we walked across the bridge to the A Terminal.

Since the inception of "Pre-Check" boarding, we have been lucky enough to go through security without taking off our shoes and taking out our computers. Today, only Vic qualified for the special pass. I must have looked suspicious today!

After going through the regular TSA lines, the AA Admiral's Club welcomed us and we were able to relax before we walked to the gate. Having the extra time to catch our breath and settle our bones helped to take away some of the anxiety of travel.

The Miami leg of our journey boarded at 1:45, pulled away from the jet-way at 2:15, and we were off the ground by 2:35. Nice to have on time service! The flight to Miami was about four hours long; enough time for a light lunch and a nap before landing at 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Arriving on the D Concourse, we found the Admiral's Lounge and completed and posted the journal so our friends and family know we are on another adventure.

Our overnight flight to Lima, Peru boarded at 11:15 and took off a little after midnight. We will arrive at 4:33 AM; perhaps not rested, but ready for our exploration of Southern Peru and Bolivia.

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Southern Peru & Bolivia: Inca Landscapes & Lake Titicaca


Sounds like your trip is getting off to a great start. Travel safely and have a wonderful time! All is quiet on Capella Drive! Many blessings!

Carolyn Barrett   October 27, 2014 - 3:54am

YEAH!! I have been packed for two months, but have wrinkle free clothes. I am so excited to be in the air again. Feels good, am so looking forward to another adventure with my friends, Gennie & Vic

Pat   October 27, 2014 - 3:24am

Amazing, another trip. We just returned from a week to the South and I am not yet recovered. Love the pictures! Have a great time.

Dee Sloan   October 27, 2014 - 2:29am
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