Best of Spain

Day 17 – September 20, 2004 - Madrid to USA

Sunday morning was up and out. We had a taxi waiting for us and the ride to the airport was fast and easy – 20 Euros with the early morning surcharge!

We got seats on the Lufthansa flight, made the two hour jump to Frankfurt and were there by 9:30. We went through the three security screens and sat down to wait for our flight.

After two gate moves we were ready to get on the aircraft – the worst one – a 747 – just no room between the rows and a 3-4-3 alignment. The third person in our row wanted to sit with his newlywed wife so they took a seat in the middle of the plane and we had an empty seat between Gennie and I. NICE!!!

Somewhere over the Atlantic one of the flight attendants came up to us and told us that one of our suitcase got left in Frankfurt. WONDERFUL!

Then we got to Denver and our one suitcase was the last one off the plane.

We went through without a hitch, spoke to Lufthansa about delivering Gennie's case on Monday night and went to Pikes Peak Parking to pick up our car. We got home about 6:30 and it was so nice to be cool again.

The pictures available today are a cross section of the people of Spain that we shot during this wonderful trip. As one can see, they were very willing to pose and be photographed by the “crazy Americans.”


These CDs are compilations of slide presentations of each day (pictures of the events during the day) accompanied by music reflective of the nation and day.

On most CDs there are presentations on the people of the country, people traveling with the group, flowers, and panoramas.

On more recent trips, short videos have been included on the web pages and these videos are also available in the CD.

The CD is available for $20 US. Shipping and handling is included for US addresses. Slightly higher for overseas shipping.

To view an example of the presentations Click Here

As it is an 8:13 presentation, give yourself time to see it in its entirety.

Please contact for more specific information and a screen capture of the CD menu.


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