Best of Spain

Day 1 - September 3, 2004 - Flight from Denver to Chicago to Frankfurt

We were able to do our regular Friday morning chores as our flight was not scheduled until 3:55 PM. We drove to Denver at 11:30, had lunch at Chipotle and were at DIA at 1:30. Pikes Peak Parking was running a lot of buses so we had a short wait.

We checked in with United and went to the B Concourse to wait for the plane. Our flight to Chicago was uneventful and one of the real interesting coincidences was that the gate we arrived B-17, was the same we departed. Both flights were packed.

The Lufthansa flight was very tight - no leg room and the people in front of us leaned their seats back all flight. They had to be asked to go forward for us to eat.

We tried to sleep and after many hours of tossing and turning, we got a couple of hours of shut-eye as we crossed the Atlantic.

(The Bear picture (#2) was taken in our backyard this summer.)


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