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Day 2 - September 4, 2004 - Flight to Frankfurt and on to Madrid

We arrived at Frankfurt at about 1 PM and had 45 minutes to find our flight to Madrid. The Spanair flight was very good and we were served a tasty meal.

When we arrived at Madrid, we had a long wait for our luggage to arrive. I had researched the subway (Metro) and we decided to use it. People were very helpful and gave us directions. It cost us 2.30 Euros for the trip. Easy, except when we had to carry our bags up stairs, luckily most had escalators.

We got off at Cartagena station and walked up to the city of Madrid and the road above. Our hotel was only one block away. Easy. Check in was easy, we went to our nice room, turned on the air conditioning and unpacked.

Gennie washed our clothes as they were so sweaty - it is very hot here. The digital sign at the airport said 89 degrees! The countryside is very dry. No rain for some time. Quite typical of Spain during this season.

At 9:45 we went to send the Day 1 internet journal and we walked around the area. We just spoke to people. So friendly! One couple had taken a greyhound and were trying to rehabilitate it. Very thin.

We used the internet to send the material from Day 1. Pretty good speed. We then walked around and then went to dinner at a recommended place - Chiquito Riz - featuring seafood. WOW! Very good food. We had a lettuce salad with fresh anchovies, shrimp scampi for Gen and I had sea bass ovened in salt. I could eat this every night. Total bill was 70 Euros with tip including a whole bottle of wine.

We spoke to several of the servers and they taught us the expressions that people use here in Madrid and Spain. We were able to see the other diners and their selections - we may go back tomorrow as we have another free night. We walked back to the hotel on another side street and we were able to see life in a big city.


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