Day 1 - Depart U.S.- Arrive Lima, Peru - March 27 & 28, 2003

We woke up this morning to beautiful sunny skies - a nice surprise as a snow storm was predicted. We took a short walk and then prepared for Charlie and Sylvia to pick us up at 8:30. We were ready for them and we had an easy trip to Denver and DIA.

Our check-in was quick and we went to Concourse C for our flight to Dallas. While waiting we met Dan and Beth Whittemore from Denver who were going to Lima.

Our flight to Dallas was uneventful and we arrived on time at Concourse C. We walked across the walkway to Concourse A and sat to wait for the Lima flight. While there we met Kathy and Beth from the East Coast and Barbara Young from California.

Our flight to Lima left at 4:59 PM, was 2/3 full so we were able to spread out a little. Gennie and I each had a three seat row for ourselves. American served dinner soon after and then we had 5 hours more to “enjoy” the flight.

We arrived in Lima at 12:40 AM EST and after a long line through immigration, we went through customs easily. We were met by the OAT people, saw the rest of the group (-2) and then were taken in a large 15 passenger van to the Hotel José Antonio.

As we drove through Lima our tour guide Maruja told us some of the information we needed - hotel, meals, exchanging money, safety - and after 35 minutes we arrived at the hotel. We got out, filled the paper work, were given our keys and a bottle of water and we went to our small sleeping rooms.

Our air conditioner did not work and I had to go and ask them to corrected this problem as the room was very stuffy and hot. It finally worked and we were able to go to bed at 2:30 in the morning. We each had two single beds but I slept well until 7:50 when I woke up. The alarm went off at 8 and we got up to start the new day.

Hotel José Antonio

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