Day 10 - Flight to Dallas-Fort Worth and Denver, Monument - April 5, 2003

After a wake-up call at 10 PM, we went to the dining room and met several people there. Seven of us went to dinner but I was full from lunch that I only had a salad and fruit for dessert.

We went back to our room, put out our luggage and then went to the lobby to meet the rest of the group (six) to go to the airport to catch our flight to Dallas and Denver. The check-in procedure was long, and after some time we were finally at the gate.

The waiting room was small and many people had to stand. We got on the plane - exit row - and went to sleep. The plane was full. Our flight took off on time, we landed at DFW on time and then went through and easy immigration and customs.

We waited for the flight to Denver and we took off on time and landed a little early - just before 12 noon. We got our luggage, went to door 504 and took the shuttle to Pikes Peak Parking. Charlie Emmons drove and we were home a little after 1 PM.

Hotel: Jose Antonio Day Room Meal: Late Dinner

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