Day 9 - Cuzco, Flight to Lima, Gallo Museum of Gold and Nap for Flight - April 4, 2003

Gennie woke up at 5:30, afraid to miss the wake-up call. I got up at 6:15 and after a shower, we went downstairs for our breakfast. Our luggage had to be out at 7:30 and the bus at 8.

Unfortunately, there was no bus at 8, and only arrived at 8:45. We waited in the lobby and finally, Juan arrived. He was very embarrassed but it was not his fault. He drove us quickly to the airport and as the plane was late it was not a problem.

David left us at the check-in and put me in charge of the group to take the luggage tickets and group designation. Once we got to the gate, TANS Peru switched gate locations. So I checked with them and then moved all the people to Gate 4. We went out at 10:45 and had an easy flight to Lima.

We were met by Maribel and she took us on a quick tour of the seaside and then to the hotel. We had enough time to go to our rooms, clean a little and change clothes.

We got back in the bus and went to lunch at the Café de la Paz where we ate outside seeing the life of Lima pass by. After lunch we visited more of the neighborhoods of Lima (the rich ones) and then went by the US Embassy in Lima. It is not a good looking building.

We visited more Spanish colonial sites of Lima, many of these built of mud bricks. We then visited the Gallo Museum of Gold of Peru and the Museum of World Arms, these are private collections whose treasures have been featured in museums worldwide. It was assembled by the Mujica Gallo family. They have the gold and silver items but also emeralds, pearls, and lapis lazuli.

In the late afternoon we had time at leisure. Gennie and I went to the hotel, got our internet disk and then went to the internet room to send e-mails to Dallas and Eduardo. We also exchanged 40 Soles for US Dollars.

Once we were done, we went back to the room and took a nap. We slept until 8 PM, got up showered, shaved, dressed and then packed our luggage for the 10 PM pickup.

Hotel: Jose Antonio Meals: B, L, D

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