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Day 14 - April 6, 2004 - Flight From Shannon to Atlanta, Atlanta to Denver

Like the rest of the days on this wonderful Ireland trip, we were up at 7 AM. After showering, dressing and packing, we went downstairs for breakfast. We were in the same room, same table as dinner last night.

Our breakfast selection had been chosen for us - the traditional Irish breakfast, with toast and coffee/tea. We were the last there, most had already left for the airport or Dublin but we shared a few moments with Ginny and Isa.

We returned to our room, rolled our suitcases to the elevator and then waited for our driver to take us to the airport. Joe arrived 15 minutes early but we were ready and off we went to Shannon Airport. Fortunately the roads were not busy and we made good time.

The same for checking in with Delta. No one was there, yet. We made it through the first two checks without any trouble. Once we were sent to the ticketing agent the security chose me and wanted me to open my suitcase.

I told him I had no knife to cut the plastic bands. He had to go across the airport to find a pair of scissors. The Delta people gave me a sympathetic look and a smile, asked us if we would be willing to fly tomorrow in exchange for $600 vouchers, accommodations and business class seats as they were over-booked. As Gennie had to teach on Wednesday, we could not take advantage of this deal.

Finally I was cleared and we checked in. US Immigration has a facility within Shannon so we were cleared there for entry into the US. EASY!!!

We went to the departure gate and upon arriving noticed that there was no one there. Gennie agreed to help me organize the limericks, email addresses and photos. As we got within one hour of departure we saw people begin to arrive.

The Delta agent came over to where we were sitting, smiled and said, “You are the Garcias?” We responded that we were and he presented us with two tickets for business class!!! “Oh YES!” we responded, 8 hour flight feels a lot better in the comforts of business.

Once we were seated in seats 3 F & G, the flight attendants offered beverages, and as we flew we had two of the best meals we have ever had on an aircraft. Flying this way can sure spoil us for all future flights.

The seats reclined all the way back so we could sleep a little bit (about 3 hours). We arrived in Atlanta, walked from Terminal E to A in their underground tunnel and went to wait for the Denver flight.

This one was a surprise also. The aircraft was about 35% full. So Gennie and I had our own row. This airport is one of the busiest in the world and after we pulled away from the gate it took us over an hour to get airborne. A flight of 2:21 and sitting on the tarmac for over an hour!!!

We got to Denver on time, got our luggage, went to the Pikes Peak lot to pick up our car and were on our way home. We stopped to buy a few groceries south of Denver and were home by 9:45.

As this was 4:45 AM Ireland time, we just unloaded the car, played with the cats, called Eduardo and went to bed so Gennie could get some rest to teach tomorrow.

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