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Day 13 - April 5, 2004 - Kerry the Kingdom - Adare

Our last day in Ireland was a bit cloudy but our breakfast in the sun room was warm and cheerful. While I did a few adjustments on my photo journal, Gennie paid the bill and gave our hostess Mary a little gift from the USA.

Jerry arrived at 9:15 and with help, loaded the luggage into the little trailer and we were off by 9:30. The bags seemed to be a little bulkier after 12 days of purchases, even though we have not bought too many things at all.

On the way northwest we traveled along a very modern road, again rolling hills of green pastures, prosperous homes, and some small farms. DeeDee gave us a summary of the politics and government structure of the country.

We drove to Tralee, the capital city of Kerry and the largest city of the county. We arrived at the Kerry County Museum which was fantastic.

We toured this living history museum and experienced life as it was lived in Tralee, dating back to 7,000 years to the Mesolithic hunters and fishermen, through the later settlers including Celts and early Christians until today. We also learned about the fine art of Gaelic football at which Kerry excels.

As we drove north we had a 25 point quiz on many of the sights and places we had seen in the past 12 days. Surprisingly, many people did not do too well on the quiz - perhaps they were not taking notes as Gennie had. But then we remember that this is a holiday/vacation, not school. Gennie’s score was superb - mine was less than good.

We continued on to Adare, one of Ireland's prettiest villages, dating back to the 13th century. We had a very quick sandwich at the Pink Potato and then tried to use the Internet next door. It was a disaster as the connection was less than dial-up.

We walked through the city, taking a few shots here and there of the thatched dwellings still in use. By 3 PM we were back on the road to Limerick and the Glentworth Hotel. After we checked in we went in search of an internet café and found one with over 90 computers.

I was able to send the materials from the last two days. As we walked back to the hotel we noticed that Limerick is a young people’s city. Many are on the streets, restaurants, shops, etc.

When we got back to the hotel, I prepared the photos we had taken and then it was time for us to meet in the bar for drinks before dinner. We all shared our limericks with one another, had a good laugh.

As I had taken my computer with me, we were able to share the photos. I volunteered to input all the limericks and then send them out to everyone in the group.

At 7PM we went into the dining room for our farewell dinner or either chicken or salmon. At 8:30 Jerry (our young driver) gave us a demonstration of his dancing and singing abilities.

We all said our goodbyes and as we were one of the last to leave, Jerry showed Gennie some of the dance steps of the Irish reels and sets. These traditional dances are coming back into vogue and are especially popular with the young people today.

We called it an evening a little after 9 PM, returned to our room and finished packing.

Breakfast, Dinner - Glentworth Hotel

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