Day 2 - Sunday, April 14, 2013 - Overnight Flight to Amsterdam; Welcome Dinner

After we had spent a few hours in the Delta Sky Lounge, our overnight Amsterdam flight was called and we made our way to the gate, G4. We were able to board at 6:40 pm and the flight was on time for takeoff.

We found our seats and settled in for the eight hour flight over The Great Lakes, Canada, and out over the dark Atlantic Ocean. Our flight crew was very accommodating and did their best to make everyone comfortable with beverages, a meal, and then quiet time to sleep.

Most of the view below was obscured with cloud cover; however we had brief glimpses of the North Sea and the container ships as we approached the Low Countries and the huge port city of Amsterdam.

The captain had predicted some sunshine and we were thrilled to see the sun as we landed. We have been watching the weather for about a month. The Netherlands has had a very wet, late winter and soggy spring.

Landing at Schiphol Airport at 10:25, we gathered our bags, had our passports stamped at immigration, and then cleared customs. Our Go Ahead Tour Director, Thomas Kreiseler greeted us and we met a few of our fellow travelers as we were escorted to the hotel.

The van driver that picked us was very strict about obeying the seatbelt laws and as there were only six belts, Thomas had to ride back on the train. We both thought it would be great to go with him, but we were already in the van. Maybe another time; we love trying local transportation.

It was almost 12:15 when we arrived at the hotel. The rooms were not ready so we stored our bags and set out to explore the neighborhood. We walked to the tram station and then back to our hotel.

As the rooms were still not ready, we visited near-by Oosterpark. Sunday afternoon on one of the first nice days of spring was a treat for many in the city!

A few flowers were beginning to bloom and the trees were just budding out. We saw families picnicking, children riding bikes, and many dogs taking their masters for walks on this beautiful day.

At 2:30 we came back to see if the rooms were ready and they were. We carried our bags and backpacks to our room. The hotel was an old hospital, recently refurbished in contemporary designs. The rooms have high ceilings and each has a unique photo headboard.

Our first floor balcony had a great view of the busy traffic, trams, bicycles, and strolling pedestrians. It also made a great place to hang a few items of hand wash!

We had plenty of time to unpack our bags, get the computers set up, and look at a few photos, as well as complete the journal for Day 2.

Tonight's dinner was a welcome meal. We met in the lobby at 6:00 and had a chance to meet our entire group. Most people had traveled overnight and had been awake of about 30 hours so it was not a late evening.

Accommodations: The Manor Hotel Amsterdam - Hampshire Eden - - - Meal: B & D - - Rating: B+

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We were in Amsterdam April 8 - 12 and it was cold, cloudy, windy, with some rain each day! I am glad you got sunshine! We are now in Tenerife with warm weather and sunshine and it is lovely!

Carol Larson   April 15, 2013 - 2:13am

Glad to be traveling with you again. Love it. All ready great pictures.

Norma   April 14, 2013 - 4:33pm
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Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam Airport

Bicycles at the Tram Station

Bicycles at the Tram Station

Girls at Oosterpark

Girls at Oosterpark

The Manor Hotel

The Manor Hotel

 Unique Photo Headboard

Unique Photo Headboard

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