Barcelona & N. Spain

Day 1 – Tuesday, September 25, 2012 – Depart Denver, CO to Atlanta, Georgia

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Barcelona & Northern Spain

Laura Fernández

Summer is such a beautiful season in Colorado but with the fire danger this year we stayed close to home. We had many critter visits and with our new WildGame Infrared camera, we have been able to catch a few furry friends getting water from our backyard fountain.

Now fall is here and the travel bug has bitten us again. Gennie finished an online class yesterday and had the last session of her current face to face class so we were free to get back into the fun part of our retirement, travel!

Even though we had a 9:00 flight on Delta, we left home at 5:30 am. You never know what travel on I-25 will be like. It is busy almost 24 hours a day now. This morning we were lucky and had a smooth ride to 225 and then on to DIA.

The Pikes Peak shuttle bus was right there to pick us up and the sun was just rising over the horizon as we approached the terminal. The sky was vivid orange and blue – true Bronco colors!

Our trip through security was a bit long. We watched the businessman in front of us being searched a second and third time for bringing a full water bottle and then two other bottles of liquid. We wondered what he was thinking and if he had ever traveled before!

The flight was on time and completely full; lots of people going to Atlanta this morning. Our Delta crew was outstanding – we were offered a light breakfast and the 2 hour 20 minute trip went quickly.

Hovering over Atlanta, we could see the humidity in the air. Our landing was smooth but we had to wait a few minutes to get off the plane. The landing gate was A-6, far from our international terminal.

The AirTrain was not functioning this afternoon so we walked most of the way to Terminal F. This is a brand new, very clean area and has a spotless Delta Sky Lounge that welcomed us for our three hour layover.

We were able to communicate with our son Eduardo and catch up on all of the news before we fly to Barcelona, Spain at 5:20 pm.

So far our journey has been pleasant and we will knock on wood and hope to collect our luggage after our eight hour overnight flight. Traveling is always an adventure!


Looks like a great trip; looking forward, as usual, to your pictures and daily diary. Loved the bird pictures.

Marvin   September 27, 2012 - 2:28am
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