EC Amazon & Galapagos

    Day 1

    Day 01 - Wednesday, December 3, 2008 - Flight to Miami, Florida and to Quito, Ecuador

    The weather held for us this morning! Instead of the predicted 3 inches of snow, we woke up to a light fog and 21 degree temperature.

    A very early alarm got us up at...

    Day 2

    Day 02 – Thursday, December 4, 2008 - Quito City Tour--Home-Hosted Lunch--Visit Inti Nan Museum, Middle of the World Monument & Folklore Olga Fisch

    Our alarm went off at 6:15 – we had slept well and enjoyed our buffet breakfast. Antonio gathered our group at 7:45 for an overview of...

    Day 3

    Day 03 - Friday, December 5, 2008 - Sinamune Foundation Concert--Fly to Coca--Cruise to Yarina Amazon Lodge--Night-time Walk

    We woke up to gray skies but no rain this morning. It was 57 º and 73% humidity, a good day to travel.

    After putting our luggage out by the door at...

    Day 4

    Day 04 - Saturday, December 6, 2008 - Optional Morning Bird Watching- Quichua Community School Visit--- Quichua Family Visit--Guided Afternoon and Nocturnal Hike

    Even with the rain falling on our thatched roof and the thunder rumbling along the river bank, we slept well. Several times during the night we woke...

    Day 5

    Day 05 - Sunday, December 7, 2008 Visit Local Healer-- Canoe Ride on Manduro River--Optional Piranha Fishing--Witness Traditional Healing Ceremony--Cooking

    It was our third day in the jungle and several people in our group seemed to be dragging a little this morning. I checked the weather with my trusty Kestrel...

    Day 6

    Day 06 - Monday, December 8, 2008 - Transfer by Canoe to Coca--Fly to Quito--Optional Tour: Archaeology & Traditions

    Waking up to the sounds of the jungle reminded us of the simple life we have experienced during the past three days. Living with limited water and electricity and the clean...

    Day 7

    Day 07 - Tuesday, December 9, 2008 - Fly to Baltra Island in the Galápagos--Embark on Galápagos Cruise

    Neither of us could get to sleep last night. For me it might have been the excitement of flying to the Galapagos in the morning and perhaps for Gennie it was the...

    Day 8

    Day 08 - Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - Galápagos Cruise to Española

    The Tip Top III left Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz at about midnight and we sailed over some very rough seas to the Island of Española. Finally we entered the protection of the bay at...

    Day 9

    Day 09 - Thursday, December 11, 2008 - Galápagos Cruise

    The captain and crew navigated our yacht to the Island of Floreana during the night and was it ever a roller coaster ride. There were times that we had to hang on to the bed so we would not be...

    Day 10

    Day 10 - Friday, December 12, 2008 - Fly to Quito--Transfer to Hotel--Farewell Dinner

    The morning started early because we left the ship today. Breakfast was at 6:30 and by 7:00 we were hiking on Las Bachas Beach on Santa Cruz.

    Although it was still early in the day, the...

    Day 11

    Day 11-1 - Saturday, December 13, 2008 - Transfer from Quito to Riobamba along Avenue of the Volcanoes--Discover Indian Markets

    Our laundry was ready this morning so we could finish packing for our road trip today. We had breakfast and then met our surviving dozen colleagues at 8:30.

    Edwin packed...

    Day 12

    Day 12-2 – Sunday, December 14, 2008 - Ride Devil’s Nose Train--Overland to Cuenca

    We slept well in our country hacienda at 11,000 feet. Our wake up call came at 4:30. The stars were still bright in the sky as we got on the bus at 5:30 am.

    Day 13

    Day 13-3 - Monday, December 15, 2008 - Visit Andean Villages (San Joaquin, Gualaceo, & Chordeleg)

    We had lots of time this morning so our alarm did not go off until 7:15. We had breakfast with Al & Winnie. I had the best scrambled eggs with cheese I have ever...

    Day 14

    Day 14-4 - Monday, December 16, 2008 - Tour Cuenca--Fly to Quito

    Today was a travel day, meaning our luggage had to be out at 8:00 am. We had a light breakfast and then went out to see more of Cuenca.

    Cuenca is Ecuador's cultural capital and a UNESCO World...

    Day 15

    Day 15-5 - Tuesday, December 17, 2007 - Flight to Miami, Florida and then Denver, Colorado

    Our alarm went off at 5:15 and we had also asked for a “just in case” wake up call that came two minutes later. Last night we finished packing so we were ready to...

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