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Day 10 - Sunday, May 5, 2013 - Flight from Nice to Amsterdam to Minneapolis to Denver

Our wake up call came at 3:26 giving us plenty of time to get ready for our flights home. We had packed and organized the night before so we were in the lobby with the five others on the early transfer to the airport.

Jean-Sébastien was there to say goodbye. We thanked him for our wonderful time in Provence. The van driver had no problems getting us to the airport; there was no traffic and we did not have far to go.

The KLM/Delta crew was very helpful and in no time at all we were waiting at Gate 14. All of the passengers were in their seats and the bags were loaded so we were able to leave 5 minutes early.

The skies were hazy and the sun was just coming up as we left the ground at 6:20. The flight was very quiet - most people were sleeping. In 90 minutes we were on the ground again in Amsterdam.

We walked to the F Concourse and set up camp in the KLM Lounge for our three-hour layover. Gennie began the last journal for this adventure and Vic started sorting the thousands of photos from the past 23 days.

The board in the lounge indicated that our gate was open and ready for passport control and an additional security check. We started for Gate 24 that was in Concourse E. It was quite a hike but after our eight days on the walking tour it was easy.

We went through Passport Control and our documents were stamped for our departure from Amsterdam and the EU. The next hurdle was the security check which was much more thorough than we have ever experienced in all our travels.

As usual, they wanted to check computers, but in addition we had to show our e-readers and iPad. After a full body scan there was a personal pat down. When we got through to the gate there was one more passport and boarding pass check.

Our trip to Minneapolis was almost nine hours. We reset our watches to Central Time. The crew served us lunch and we each tried to rest - overseas daytime flights seem to be the most difficult as one's body thinks all of the sun light means a twenty-six hour day.

The flight path took us over the Atlantic, across the southern tip of Greenland, and then down through Hudson Bay. We could see the melting ice and open water, but at 40,217 feet we were too high to see any polar bears!

When we arrived in Minneapolis it was 1:40 PM. We had to go through immigration and customs. It was an easy reentry into the USA. The Delta Sky Lounge staffed welcomed us for our four-hour layover.

The flight to Denver was packed, we left a little late because the crew had to mark luggage to go into the bay, as the overhead bins were stuffed to the max!

The two hours went quickly. When we left we had to park in the Mt. Elbert Lot so a driver took us there to get the car. All was well with the little CRV and we began the last leg of our journey, home to Monument Hill.

We made a stop at Safeway and we were home by 8:15 pm. Buddha greeted us at the door; a little put out that we had left him for so long! We are always happy to be home, this time was no exception!

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Welcome home. So enjoyed your trip vicariously...a lovely adventure.Thanks for sharing with us!

kathy martin   May 10, 2013 - 4:56am

Welcome home, we look forward to seeing your pictures.

Lindy Powell   May 7, 2013 - 1:23am
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Colors of Provence

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