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Volume 8, No. 4 – October 2007


OAT travelers love a party – be it a national holiday or a spontaneous gathering. Here, our readers share their favorites.

When 11-time travelers Vic and Gennie Garcia of Monument, Colorado, found themselves at a Thai hill tribe wedding on the Discover Thailand adventure, they didn’t catch the bouquet, but came away with plenty of goodwill: “Our planned afternoon destination was to be the small village of Mae Chan. We were driven to a gas station where we climbed into two open songtaew taxi trucks. Our Trip Leader Anya, told us that the drivers knew of a local wedding celebration and if we would like, we were invited to join. Without hesitation, we all agreed.

“The actual wedding had been the day before and that the festivities were still in progress. With radiant smiles, the children welcomed us with great enthusiasm. The adults, wearing their traditional formal attire, took us to meet the bride and groom.” We were seated at a long table and offered food and drink. The bride, accompanied by the groom, brought us shots of Mekong whiskey for a toast to their health and happiness. We were then encouraged to eat, have more Mekong whiskey and to meet the families and community members.

“As we left, all of us agreed that this was one reason we travel with OAT! We appreciate the ability to deviate from the planned schedule and be involved in a spontaneous opportunity to meet the real people of the countries we visit. Celebrations worldwide are about families sharing and caring for each other.”

Click here to read what Vic & Gennie submitted to OAT.


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