Azores & Madeira: Portugal's Unspoiled Archipelagos

Day 04 - Thursday, April 13, 2023 – Fly to Terceira Island, Azores; World Heritage site by UNESCO; View Monte Brasil

Today was a travel day; we were packed and the bags were outside of our door before we went down to breakfast. The breakfast buffet was just as delicious, with even more varieties of fruit this morning. We found passion fruit and mangos to die for. Gennie even found some chocolate mousse!

At 8:45 we gathered in the lobby, turned in our pass keys, and thanked the hotel staff for their hospitality. Carla driving a full-size bus, loaded all of our bags and we were off on the next leg of our adventure.

We departed from the huge Lisbon airport. The departure terminal was fully automated, but as we were a large group, three TAP staff members helped us check in and obtain our baggage claim tags. We had already arranged our seats so our boarding passes were complete.

Our departure gate was S21 and the flight boarded early. We found out that we had to get on a shuttle bus that took us to a remote tarmac. While we waited for the second shuttle Vic talked in Brazilian Portuguese to the driver of the first bus. He told Vic that there was a little more space for two people if we wanted to squeeze in the front beside him. Taking him up on his generous offer, we were lucky to board the plane and find our seats a bit early.

The flight out in to the Atlantic was two and a half hours. There was no meal service however some people bought sandwiches. Henrique had warned us that they would even charge for water, so Gennie bought a bottle before we went to the gate. Along with our granola bars, we were fine knowing that we would have a big lunch.

The flight was full, our seats,16 B and C were in the middle of the plane, and there was not much elbow room. As we landed, we could see the gorgeous green patch work fields bordered by dry stone fences and azalea hedges. The countryside reminded us of Ireland only instead of sheep there were cattle.

Our new driver, Mr. Able who will be with us during our stay here on Terceira Island, Azores took us on a fifteen-minute ride to the town of Angra do Heroismo. As we drove, Henrique gave us an overview of his home island.

The heavy fog over the volcanic peaks occasionally gave way to a few rays of sunshine. Black and white Holstein dairy cows grazed on the green hillsides. There seems to be more cattle on the island than people. Angra is one of three capital cities of this nine-island archipelago.

We had a late lunch at the Verde Maçã Café and were very pleased with the plate of breaded beard fish, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. We had a special dessert called Donas Amélias, a spicy cake made with ginger, cinnamon, and covered in powdered sugar.

At 4:00 we met our local guide Mario who took us on a two hour walk around the capital founded by Vasco da Gama in 1478. We were entertained and enlightened by Mario’s description of the history and the life today in Angra.

Our tour ended at the Duke of Terceira Gardens, the island’s beautiful botanical garden right by our hotel. Our hotel room overlooks the gardens, fountains, and much to Gennie’s chagrin, our narrow deck was the resting spot of several of the local pigeons. There was no AC in our room and we had to leave our deck door open.

Back in our room at 6:30, we were able to unpack for our next three nights and look at our photos from today. While Gennie finished the highlights of the day, we enjoyed two fresh pears, a gift from the hotel.

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Azores & Madeira: Portugal's Unspoiled Archipelagos
Henrique da Camara


How fun that you could use your Brazilian Portuguese, Vic, and get special treatment!

Joyce Witte   April 16, 2023 - 12:16am

I had never heard of beard fish so had to look it up!

Susan Phillips   April 14, 2023 - 12:38am

You have pigeons, we have a turkey hanging out with us! We had book club today. Nan is leaving tomorrow for Japan. Have a wonderful time! I love to hear about your adventures!

Susan Phillips   April 14, 2023 - 12:36am

The Vasco da Gama statue struck a bell with me. As a 3rd grader, I was assigned to give an oral report with a visual on Vasco da Gama and of course, that was my introduction to the possibility of exploring and traveling. Interesting what we remember from the 3rd grade. Thanks for selecting that picture to post.

Lindy   April 13, 2023 - 11:44pm

All sounds wonderful!

Dee Sloan   April 13, 2023 - 11:14pm
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Map of Terceira

Map of Terceira

Hotel Azoris Angra Gardens

Hotel Azoris Angra Gardens

Balcony Beauties

Balcony Beauties

The Church of Misericórdia

The Church of Misericórdia

Vasco da Gama

Vasco da Gama

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