Trans-Canada Rail Trek

Day 11 - October 17, 2007 - Wednesday - Flight to Denver and Home

Our wake up call came at 5:20 and we quickly took our showers and finished packing the few items remaining. Most things we had organized and packed last night after our Farewell Dinner.

We took our own baggage down to the lobby, turned in our keys, and said our final goodbyes to Rosalie and the others who were also leaving for the airport at 6:15.

Our limo driver was very nice and told us about his life in Iran in the 1970s and then the trauma of being in jail and his attempt to immigrate to the USA. Because he was a political prisoner, he was allowed entry, but the state department would not accept his wife and children. Luckily, Canada did and he has worked hard to raise his four children, all college graduates and make a new life for his family in Toronto.

We arrived at the Toronto International Airport (Pearson) and went right to the Air Canada check in area. All of the counters are automated kiosks and we were able to get our boarding passes with a little help from an attendant.

We then registered our checked bags and proceeded right to customs and immigration so we would not have to do it in Denver. Security went very quickly and we were at the gate at 7:15.

Our flight was at 8:45 but it was delayed until 9:15. It was only a 3.5 hour flight and very smooth. There were two babies on board, one right in front of Gennie and the other right beside me. Gennie got lucky and I had the screamer!

Several of our flight companions made observations about the two children and their parents. Some very comical, others quite appropriate for the 18 month old who screamed when he wanted anything. He also pulled and kicked the seat in front of him and then would peek at the people behind and make noises and gestures.

As we arrived in Denver, Air Canada taxied to Gate 34 on the A Concourse and walked right to the baggage claim. Our bags came out quickly and we got on the Pikes Peak Shuttle to get our car.

As it was about 11:30 we stopped for a bite to eat at Chipotle and then got a few groceries at Safeway. We were lucky to avoid the afternoon traffic and arrived home a little before 2:00. Nice to be home before dark and to be able to do our travel chores.


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I wonder if this is the same cat that was on Joan and Ed Ryan's deck a few years ago. They have great pictures of it. Great trip you two had. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure.

Lisa Fillo   October 19, 2007 - 3:18pm

It looks as though your pet bobcat missed you while you were away! Nice animal!

Duane   October 19, 2007 - 1:15am
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Trip Map

Trip Map

Air Canada

Air Canada

Approach to Denver

Approach to Denver

Landing at DIA

Landing at DIA

Mom & Baby  Bobcat at our house

Mom & Baby Bobcat at our house

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