Nepal and Himalayas

Day 22 (3-7) - Monday, November 18, 2019 - Flight to Frankfurt, Germany; Flight to Denver, Colorado

At the stroke of midnight we left the Pride Plaza Hotel and had a brief shuttle ride to the Indira Gandhi International Airport for our 3:35 AM flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Our OAT representative came in the terminal and helped us all the way to the Lufthansa check in counter.

There were no concerns checking in, going through immigration, and then security. In only one hour from leaving the hotel we were in the Lufthansa Lounge waiting for our flight to be called.

The flight to Frankfurt was on an Air Bus 380, capable of carrying over 600 passengers. This was our first time on such a giant aircraft. The Business Class level of the double decker plane had as many passengers as the whole cabin on a regular aircraft.

Although our Air Bus pulled away from the jet way on time, we sat on the runway for at least 30 minutes waiting for our turn to take off. Delhi has hundreds of night flights and the airport terminal and the tarmacs were very congested.

As soon as we were welcomed on board the aircraft, we declined the meal service and went to sleep. The 8.5-hour flight gave us an opportunity to catch up on a few winks.

The flight landed in Frankfurt on time and even though we had plenty of time, we hustled to the Z Terminal and went though a passport check ready to connect with our next Lufthansa flight to Denver.

Our five-hour layover went quickly as we had good Internet and a quiet corner to read the news and catch up on our mail. Vic posted the Day 20 GarciaTrips journal and Gennie started to finalize our last flight day and then home.

The flight from Frankfurt to Denver was rough, unusual for our homeward bound flights on Lufthansa. We arrived at DIA at 3:45 and went through the Global Entry kiosks easily and then waited for our luggage.

Even though our bags were marked “Priority”, it was over 30 minutes until we received our luggage and were able to leave the terminal on the Mount Elbert shuttle bus. After a short stop for groceries in Castle Pines and then a little dinner in Castle Rock we fought the traffic going south on I-25 through The Gap.

Thank you for following our adventures in India, Bhutan, and Nepal. We are always anxious to see new countries and meet new people. But as we always say, there is no place like home.

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So enjoyed your trip through Bhutan, Nepal...Vic, your characature photos are simply exquisite. You have captured the history of those countries in their faces. Bravo! Gennie, wonderful narrative, as usual. You guys are a Blog Machine Extraordinaire. Thanks for taking us along.

Kathy Martin   December 4, 2019 - 8:07pm

your photos of the people’s faces are outstanding. l think those who live in Nepal show so much character, and their stories must be priceless (if only l knew the Nepalese language !) l have been to Kathmandu twice for orphanage work and am involved with an organization there called Second Generation. Also trekked a wk through the Kathmandu Valley. l am sure you will treasure your memories there !

nan graber   November 21, 2019 - 6:07am

Interesting trip! Welcome home!

Catherine McGuire   November 20, 2019 - 8:20pm

What a wonderful trip in some exotic places! I have yet to do this trip - maybe someday! I just got home from Morocco yesterday at 1:30 AM - snowing here in Fort Collins tonight - sure you are getting the same! We will both enjoy getting home in our own environs!!

Cheryl Vieira   November 20, 2019 - 7:18pm
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